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Ode To Perfume

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Holger Czukay - Ode To Perfume / Fragrance

10" / Claremont 56

Limited to 500 numbered copies.

Track List:

A. Ode To Perfume (London Live 2009)

B. Fragrance (Remix 2009)


Sleeve Notes:

"This part of Ode to Perfume hadn’t been released in the past as the full version became too long to fit on one side of a 12’’ LP. During the preparation of my back catalogue I found this forgotten part on the master tape and presented it on the Short Circuit Festival 2009 in London for the first time.

Together with a first played guitar I sang a new line over a vocoder. Drummer Jaki Liebezeit from Can gave me support. Fragrance also belongs to Ode to Perfume. It was remastered and slightly different mixed than the original from 1981.

Enjoy falling through the clouds of perfume. Only the last inch is dangerous."

Holger Czukay (2009)

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